I mean – Amy Grant JUST tweeted – like, a couple of hours ago – that she was in Dallas doing a sound check for a big Salvation Army fundraising luncheon.

I did post about the incredible SA yesterday and I promise, I did not know Amy worked with them.  Great minds think alike, they say.  I thought Stephanie Morgan (with whom I shall travel to Nashville next December to SEE Amy Grant & Vince Gill for their famous Christmas show at The Ryamn, YES-IN PERSON, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise) would cheer me on for supporting the SA, just like Amy Grant does.  *smile

Didn’t you love the video I shared with you yesterday?  Didn’t it just make wonderful sense about how your donations actually help people getting their lives straight?  And you don’t throw away your stuff just like we don’t throw away people and it is a win-win all around?  Isn’t that wonderful?  If you missed it, watch this really inspiring 30-seconds called “Not Wasted”:

But you may as well also see this preach-it-now commercial for the Salvation Army called, “Amazing Grace.”  THIS is what your donations do!  Chill-bumps, seriously.

Have you started gathering nice things you can live without to donate?  Have you???

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