Grandbebes A-to-Z

A is  for Averi


Averi is sprouted ponytails and bananas and cream oatmeal with blueberries on the side.  She’s “I’ll do it myself” in her big girl panties and scrunchy-faced smiles.  Averi is red-flannel pajamas and cheeks that won’t quit.  She’s “Rocky?  Rocky!” when calling for her beloved daddy’s attention and she is 2 going on 32.  Already a pro at being a bit of a sassy, independant and directive firstborn, new baby Rhoades (due any second now) will already have her life’s itinerary planned out for her…by Averi.

But oh when she stops to have a little conversation and thens melts into you with a committed hug, {sigh} Averi…what a surprise!

G is for Gavin


G is for Gavin who is growing up fast.  He is all boy and football and friendship and freckles.  He has loose teeth and thick hair and he’s white, but that kid can jump!  He is responsible and organized and such a wonderful big brother.  He is 6 and he’s 1st grade and he holds my heart and my confidence like no other.  He is the firstborn, the firstfruit, the heir to it all.  Zealous and hard-working, he is always ready to tear into whatever project I have wondered about starting with his “let’s get to it” attitude.  And he said to me last Sunday, “Nonna, I sure wish we had some garden tomatoes.  Maybe this week we should start gardening?”

The boy is a genius, I tell ya!  He knows the best of everything and loves tomatoes like me!

G is for Guinivere


I love the flower girl.  And that is my Guini.  She tip-toes through the tulips and petunias and orange daylilies  right into my heart.  We play school and she ever-so-meticulously colors hers papers until there is not a naked spot left or until the washable Crayola marker she is using has run completely out of ink!  And while she works on her masterpiece, she peppers me with the important things in her life.  “Hey, Nonna, can I watch some Sprout when I’m done with this?”  “Hey, Nonna, can I have some popcorn?  Oh wait – do you have crackers?  I LOVE crackers!”  “Hey, Nonna, we got a trampoline and I can jump really high.”  

And a couple of weeks ago when I asked her if she got to eat some of the Oreo/chocolate-chip/milk-chocolate mousse I had sent to her house (leftover filling from Jovanie’s cake).  She clarified, “The cookies in pudding?”  An oversimplification, if I do say so, yet she warmed my heart with her enthusiastic review, “Oh, it was TASTEEEEE!!” 

G is for Gemma


For Gem-Gem, not only is everyone she meets her newest and bestsest friend in the world, everyone she meets is also an audience for her interpretive dancing, for she lives to make people smile with her art.  But not “Miss Hannigan.”   “I don’t like Miss ‘Cannigan’, Poppa.  Miss ‘Cannigan’ is a bad person,” her little voice quivers in fright as she speaks of the orphange-woman in the Annie play.  Gemma is spunky and two, a little lamb and a tiny dancer.  She is cuddly and independant and will smile for any reason she can find.  She performs and she sings “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow,” with arm flailing exuberance.

She is our own Annie, our very own Fancy Nancy with maybe a smidge of Pippi Longstocking mixed in!  She makes my heart giggle!

H is for Hunter


Hunter’s a thinker, a little guy who reasons big.  He’ll argue his point until you give in by sheer exhaustion.  He is right when he’s right and right even if he is not.  He is as smart as a whip and smarter than most adults.  He will call you on every inconsistency, hypocrisy and duplicity.  The kid is cute and loves his cousins, his mama and the world.  He has already planned his life’s path to fly mission supplies around the world where he will be able to speak all languages fluently and touch the world for Jesus.  He is currently in love with theater due to his poppa being in Annie and enjoys theatrically answering “yes” questions with a big, long, loud, “You’re daaaaaarn tootin’!” 

When I said I needed to snap some photos for a blog post I’d written about them all, Hunter turned to Gavin with the wary look and said, “That’s what she always says.”  Hunter is the Little Prince, wise beyond his years, fit to rule the kingdom.

Soon?  Our alphabet will be turned upside-down with a brand-new bebe!  Any second now…

4 thoughts on “Grandbebes A-to-Z

  1. I can’t get enough of these little stinkers! I may be biased but I’m pretty sure they’re the best and cutest kids around! Can’t wait for the newest addition!

  2. These kids are my favorite and most loved too! What am I going to do with Hunter? How can you train a kid that knows it all at 5 years old?

    1. Hunter is perfect right where he is. As he matures, he will realize how much more there is to know. Fear not, Tara—you are mothering him wonderfully!

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