Grandbebe qotd

5 of the 6 graced our lives for the night.

Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding!!  Averi wins the quote-of-the-day for both last night and this morning.

Last night, Averi (4) and Gemma (5) were fixing my hair and each other’s hair – brushing and affixing clips and just little-girl-talk.  Gemma mentioned going to JC Penney’s to get her hair done for school.  Averi asked her, “So, you went to the cilantro?  So many people go to the cilantro to get their hair done, even me.”  Salon, cilantro, whichever.  :)


This morning I poured some grape juice for each of the kids into Dixie cups for fun.  Hunter cracked me up by walking in, looking at the breakfast spread and commenting, “Oh, communion.”  Hahaha.  But  Averi, sipping her juice expressed to me,

Mmm.  This tastes just like campaign.  I love campaign.”

I don’t think she was referencing the presidential campaign.  So, I think she was referring to champagne and I want to know what her parents are plying her with for breakfast over at their house???!


Revelation-of-the-day:  Ohhhhhh – this is why we used to have to buy milk in such quantities!!

The morning after:  Gemma and Averi have picked up last night’s work again, whereupon they are both “in charge” of Heaven Fest and I can now retire.  They are busily writing contracts and drawing site plans and declaring Free time for everyone!  The main thing Averi wants me to understand is “We’re in charge and I am in charge.”

And that is the truth.



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