Giving all the ticket money away

When you throw a million dollar event but give away  A L L  the ticket money

for the poor, the hungry and thirsty

for the exploited (sex-traded) children of the world

for the orphan (and fatherless), for the widow (and the single-parents in our area),


when the Family of God gathers to worship and pray

to sing along, to cheer and worship


when you rent out hundreds of acres so Father can call His children together for a little reunion

when you have a day where almost a third of those gathering are people who don’t know Jesus yet, but some one in the fam brought them, prayed over them, is beliving God for their salvation and they got a free admission just so we could introduce them to Jesus…

when 2000 volunteers sweat and work for the glory

and Jesus is the headliner and you see all the races and all the denominations and every age represented and they just forget their dividing lines and join in one song for one God, and one reason

and when 40,000 people encounter the father heart of God and through the gift they GIVE when they walk through the front gate, nations are impacted and

wells are dug and the hungry are fed and

children are adopted

and the suicidal find hope and life and

lives are transformed

and the Name of Jesus is made glorious

Then the money spent was well worth it.  Every dollar, multiplied in its’ impact.  On real people.  Real lives.  Changed.

It is not about the concert.  It is not about the bands.  It is about the love of a Father, expressed to those He loves.  On earth as it is in heaven.

400 people giving $3000 over then next 10 months can make this happen.

I am just thinking out loud.  About giving away every dollar of admission/ticket money and how we can still do all this more, as family, anyway.


4 thoughts on “Giving all the ticket money away

  1. Here’s my 3 words to communicate Father’s Heart:

    Daddy has you when you are little.
    Dad has you when you are little older.
    Da (as in the Irish way to say it) has you now as a friend.

  2. Provision – Everyone, everywhere, every need met. Eradicate hunger, thirst, poverty, fatherlessness.
    Affection – All-encompassing love of The Father, flowing through His children, one to another until every person on the planet is enveloped by the warmth of His arms around them.
    Family – Belonging, community, togetherness transformed by the unique giftings of each person into purpose, mission, outreach–set ablaze.

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