George-Bailey-esque Trouble

One of the best movie scenes of all times is the very beginning of It’s a Wonderful Life when you see the galaxy of stars and hear the chorus of prayers being offered to God on behalf of George Bailey who is facing such crisis, he is thinking of ending his own life.

“God help George Bailey,” you hear among a sea of voices.  Mr Gower prays, “I owe everything to George Bailey.  Help him, dear Father.”

The movie goes on to explore how important George Bailey was in the lives of everyone he knew.  He was truly a good person.  He truly helped people and sacrificed his own dreams for the good of others.  He was worthy of the prayers of the saints.

Not everyone lives such a valuable, selfless life.  But hopefully everyone knows people who will pray, people whose life have been touched by knowing them.  Wouldn’t you love to hear your name being offered to God like that?  Hearing everyone you know praying you up to the Father?

We know He hears us when we pray….Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Lift up the people I know who may be in George-Bailey-esque trouble right now, whose skies may be arrow-blackened, who may be in a battle for their very souls…

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