Gemma turns 1!

Gem-gem-jareee!   How is it possible that you were born a year ago today?   We waited anxiously for you back then…and waited…and waited…and when finally you arrived, well after your “due date,” we saw you were worth it!

Right  away you drew us in with your tiny, delicate features and little halo of fine, wispy red hair.   What a good-natured and joyful  little girl you have been.   Weren’t you just a newborn yesterday?   Didn’t you just start holding your head up during tummy-time?   Didn’t I only recently get thrilled to watch you sitting up to play with no support?   It was only moments ago, wasn’t it, that you started climbing my stairs and making me lose my breath!?   My main and most-treasured memory of you this past year is the ready smile and twinkling eyes I have enjoyed every single time I have seen you.   You’re a smile bringer, Gemma May!  


Recently, though, just after you first became mobile as a speed-crawler and have now started  toddling on those two tiny feet, oh the little girl I see emerging!!!   Wowzer!   I see ornery behind those clear blue eyes.   I see a little trickster getting ready to delight us all with her antics.   You are strong and sassy,  you are easily pleased and opinionated under that thickening garland of red.  

Every new tooth (with that  happy, wide-open smile)  brings a few new words and makes the joy bells of my heart ring madly!  

My favorite Gemma game is kiss-kiss.   And sweet baby girl, you have let me smother your cheeks with kisses, snuggling close and graced me with thousands of your sugar-sweet pecks over the past year.   I am looking to a lifetime more.   I hope we’ll always get to be partners in crime and that you’ll let me tag along on your mischievious adventures to come!

I love you, baby girl…Nonna

NOTE TO SELF: Put everything waaaay up high again, as a new little Kelley kid can reach everything!

5 thoughts on “Gemma turns 1!

  1. Gemma, I can’t believe that you turned 1!! Time has gone by so quickly this year. I remember your birth like it was a month ago. You are the sweetest little baby. You smile so much! I love hearing you start to talk. You tell me ‘hi’ every time I see you;o) Your whole body wiggles with excitement when I reach down to pick you up. Thank you for loving me so unconditionally. I know that you will be my darling little baby girl forever. Love, Mommy*

  2. Gemma May,
    I love you so much already and you are only 1!!! I know as the years go by that I will continue to grow in my love for you. Like I wrote in your letter…your smile is electric and I love to hear you laugh. Happy Birthday sweet gemma.
    Aunt Tara

  3. Grandpa is always afraid of that noggin getting whacked on corners of tables…
    It seems at this age, the little ones are all head.
    Keep everything padded…
    I love you little Gemma

  4. Happy birthday Gemma moos!
    I love you so stinkin much little girl…
    You and I definitely have a connection, and I knew it the first time I ever held you the evening after you were born. I can’t wait to grow up with you and see how your personality develops as you get older, it’s gonna be a blast!
    I love you!
    Aunt Stormie

  5. Gemma-lemma-ding-dong! Happy Birthday, sweet angel! Here, here to all the comments made thus far. You are a delight everytime I see you. As I slid you down the slide at your birthday party and heard this new deep laugh you use, I feel even more in love with you. Your joy and sweetness fill the room. What a perfect end to the Kelley kids clan. Gavin the Leader, Guini the Fearless and Gemma the Joy-Bringer. I love you, little niece!

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