Gemma May in April

Gemma got bangs for Easter.


She let me snap a few shots to send to her Great-Grandma-Moslander, with whom I was talking on the phone at the time.


Gemma got on the phone and said to her ‘Great’, “Hey, Grandma, guess what?  Guess what?  We’re playing Hot Wheels!”  Dave had gotten his authentic early 1970s Hot Wheels track and car collection out for the kids the play with.


Then she just waited for me to be done. 

The other night at Stormie’s house.

Gemma-the-performer jumped off chairs and danced to any available music and I took pictures!  The image on the right is our litle star graciously receiving her applause and cheers.


NOTE:  See the robins-egg-blue “25” in the photos?  We used them for Rocky’s 25th, then for Dave’s 52nd (they were royal blue and red for those) and when Stormie said I could not bring them to her 25th birthday party celebration, I just had to.  Hehehe.  Tredessa had originally cut it from foam and painted it.  For Stormie: Painted light blue, hot glued with crunched-up crepe streamers paper as trim.  Even though Jovan was willing to have us use it again for her 25th this coming October, it went out to the curb.  If it survived the winds, maybe some other family will have lots of fun with it it, too.

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2 thoughts on “Gemma May in April

  1. Gemma looks older with bangs – not the toddler she was! Love how she enjoys being the star! That’s what the baby of the family has to do to get everyone’s attention (I knkow from first hand experience!).

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