Gemma in the Morning

Gemma is here (with her big sister) because Gavin had an overnight gaming party with his friends last night and they didn’t want to be “boy-trapped” at their house.

She was just explaining to me, while making a pink and yellow paper chain, that Pinky Pot (from My Little Pony) always parties, “She just always parties.”

“I love to party, too,” Gemma told me.

I asked her what that meant, “What makes a good party for you, Gemma?”

“Hm,” she thought. “Having fun and laughing.”

Then she jumps up, in her white lace nightgown, and begins dancing and romping and running through the house with her 8-foot long paper chain swirling in and out, up and down, her red locks lifting in the breeze she creates.  Having fun.  Laughing.

Barely past breakfast, there is a party at my house.

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