Gavin is 5 and Ready for Kindergarten!

Gavin with Guini  Gavin with Gemma

Happy Birthday to my very first grandchild!   Happy Birthday Gavin, oh you who totally TRANSFORMED my life!   Happy Birthday, little red-headed Kelley kid!   Happy happy day to one of the most joyful, exhuberant people I have ever known!

Last week Gavin made his school prep visit to the pediatrician to update his shots and fill out the proper paperwork for getting him enrolled in school.   Stephanie said the doctor sort of quizzed and tested him to make sure he was “ready,” checking his reading skills and numbers intelligence and I am happy to say he “passed” with flying colors.   I was glad I didn’t know about the “test” ahead of time because I’d have been  a nervous wreck!   You see, I have been Gavin’s pre-school teacher for the past year.

For ever and always, I will cherish the time Gavin and I have spent in “the classroom” together!   There was reading and writing and counting and colors and shapes and concepts and painting and rhyming and online computer games (which I watched him learn, conquer and outgrow) on There were days when school lasted 15 minutes and days when it went for hours.   We’ve read Dr. Seuss’ ABCs a hundred times or more and much of Gavin’s bookworm “growth” was reading the Bible, something we both love!   Intense learning times were followed by an episode of SpongeBob  with some popcorn and Diet Pepsi.   It is hard to say who has learned the most, Gavin or his Nonna?

  Gavin at harvest Fest 2007  Gavin pre-school fall 07

I love you, Gavin-ators!    I love that people at Wal-Mart say, “Oh you have red hair just like your grandma,” and I accept the comment knowing it is really from the OTHER grandma, and in reality, I am trying to have red hair just like YOU!   I love that you told people, “Nonna is a good teacher,” and I have no idea where you’d get something like that except that I hope it was mirroring me telling you, “Gavin, you are such a great learner,” which you truly are!   I love that you love learning and safety scissors and glue sticks and discovery.

You had a Transformers birthday party which was so apprpriate because, little boy-YOU have TRANSFORMED my life!   You ARE a Transformer!

I love you, Gavin, forever and always and I’ll miss you when you go to Kindergarten!…Nonna

NOTE TO SELF: When I told Gavin that his going to school would leave a huge void, he advised me, “You can have me over for dinner.”   Do that!   Often!!

pictured: Gavin loves his sisters! Gavin (2)  with Guini; Gavin (almost 4) with Gemma; Gavin as a dinosaur last fall; Gavin at “pre-school”

7 thoughts on “Gavin is 5 and Ready for Kindergarten!

  1. Are you trying to make me break down in tears?!?! I still can’t think too hard about Gavin going to school. I can’t believe that it is time for that already! He is such a bright kid! I hope and pray that he will carry that with him his whole life. He is bursting with energy all the time, especially in the morning. He is a people-pleaser, classic firstborn, and the best big brother in the world. He is my Starbucks finder when we’re driving and he is Tristan’s little sioux chef everyday. Gavin already has such a passion for movies and video games (passed on from his Mommy and Daddy!) and I think he has his Daddy’s mad skills for drumming;o) I love you Gambo!

  2. Happy Birthday, not-so-little Gavin! You truly have transformed all of our lives. We were so thrilled when we heard you were coming because you were the first of all the little kids that will be from my siblings. You are such a jewel and I love to watch you grow and hear your thoughts which you’re able to articulate now. I love you, sweet boy!

  3. Happy Birthday Gavinators! I can’t believe you’re five already! We all had so much fun spoiling you while you were the only little one around…I hope we haven’t decreased in that because we love to shower you kiddos with love and gifts! Thanks for letting us all learn on you about how to be a good aunt or uncle, you are a total blast! I love that you answer the phone when I call and ask me how work was…you are too cute! Happy birthday kiddo! I love you!
    -Aunt Stormie

  4. Gavin-the-man
    You are the brightest red head of my life! Gemma is catching up but you will always be the first bright head of my life!=) I constantly speak of you highly to everyone I meet telling them that you have the energy of a little 5 year old boy but the sweetest temperament of any 5 year old I know. You are Hunter’s hero and therefore you are mine too. Thank you for your patience with him as he wants to be so much like you…kinda like a little brother. It is like I am YOU and your mommy is Hunter! hehhehhehee. I love you so much and I love being your aunt!
    Aunt Tara

  5. I am primarily (Prime) optimistic (Optimis) about the way that the cake turned out! I think that I could become a sculpter of fondant. Now I know why Duff has Geoff and why Geoff lets that creative side of him flow!
    It was fun.
    I just have to work on the super-structure a little more…

  6. Hey Buddy,
    I’m so sad to hear how much you’ve already grown up. I still want you to stay the Gavin who actually wants to hang out with me and play video games! I know you will though and I hope that never changes.
    I remember when you were just under 2 years old and we were hanging out in my room in the basement. I was singing and playing my guitar to the Lord and you came up and sat right behind me and started singing as loud as you could right along with me, ahh I love you neph!!! I always have a great time hanging out with you and I get excited to hear when I’m going to see you.
    I want to be an Uncle that supports you and lifts you up as you grow, we need to stick together.
    I love you little buddy and I’m so happy that you’re in my life.
    Happy Birthday
    Love, Uncle Rocky

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