Gavin as the Big Billy Goat in the School Play


Hunter brought Sam and Moses to the play.  Averi and the Kelley girls were there along with parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles.  When the Garcia boys asked, “Where is Gavin?”  for the cafeteria was overflowing with 1st graders, teachers and family members.  Hunter informed them, “The orange hair!  Look for the orange hair. ”  Yep, that is our Gav-Gav!  The first grandson, the first grandchild we ever had…The “Big Billy-Goat” with the orange hair.  And sweetest heart ever!

NOTE:  Observe how well this firstborn kid makes sure the mic is where it should be!  Yes, I am very proud of him!

1 thought on “Gavin as the Big Billy Goat in the School Play

  1. A stellar performance. He is s a chip off the ole grandfather block!
    Gavin, Hunter, Guini and I went and saw How to Train Your Dragon today (which is a good movie, the 3d glasses are hard to get used to but maybe it was because mine was a little small oh well) and on the way to the theater, Gavin and Guini were riding with me and of course had to listen to the Annie soundtrack (no I didn’t prompt them) and at one point I could tell that Gavin’s wheels were turning as we talked about what they could remember about the show. He said: “I had to have my papers in my play but you didn’t have papers…” And I told him yes, that I memorized mine and that when he was older he could memorize his too. He seemed to ponder that for a long time… I think next time he will want to memorize his part. He did a great job, papers or no papers!

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