Gas ‘er up


I cannot help the fact that I have an innate distaste for the Kum & Go gas station chains.  It is the name.  Ew.  No, it does not work for me.  They were strewn all over Nebraska and I hated them then, but now we have not one, but two of them in Brighton, flanking the east and west sides of the city.  Every time I go anywhere, there they are: two Kum & Go stores.  I pass them leaving the house, I pass them coming home.


But they also have the best gas deals near my house and if I run out of my morning blend, they are the closest place to get a really good cup of coffee fast – a really good, BIG cup of coffee.

Uh-huh.  The ones in Brighton look exactly just like this…only with a city and neighborhoods around them.  Why can’t they just have a better name?  Like Refresh and Refuel?

Pumpkin Spice.

This morning Dave “surprised” me with the Kum & Go version of a Pumpkin Spice Latte, my drink of cold-weather choice from Starbucks every year over which I mourn longingly when it is gone for the season.  Ok, thank-you, honey…yeah right.  But guess what?  It is pretty stinking delicious.  I had my own whipped cream and for half the price and double the volume?  Oh my.  I do feel somewhat like a cheater, but Starbucks-darling, watch out for the Kum & Go.   Now when they add nice comfy chairs and wi-fi….

NOTE TO SELF:  Check out the Kum & Go career possibilities and see if I can be vice-president of re-naming the chain.  How about Come Here & then Leave ?

4 thoughts on “Gas ‘er up

  1. Ah Bryan, such a dry sense of humor! :) I did go to our old friend, Google and put in “silly restaurant names” and this is what I came up with, I kid you not. And it had the pics of the signs out front so they weren’t Photoshopped in. (some I could not list in this forum :) “Pizza Orgasmica” “L’Idiot” “Oops” “Uncle Tom’s BBQ” “Pretty Good Grocery” “The Golden Shower Restaurant” “Crabby Dick’s” but I think most of the Asian names take the cake: (again, I kid you not) “Poo Ping” “Pee and Poo” “Le Sake”and the winner of them all (an Asian) “Fu King”

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