What a week.  A good week.  A full week.  An exhausting week.

cloth ikea doll
Averi & her IKEA doll (all the girls got one).

So many snippets to remember.  So many frames I’d like to freeze.

Gemma & her grand-poppa built a castle

Christmas morning – Stormie bringing us breakfast so we wouldn’t be lonely on our first Christmas ever without the whole family in the house, raising the roof with creative gift-giving and happy-noise.   That is a good frame…it worked.

And then guess what?  They all came later and stayed late and it was messy and wonderful just like always.  :)

Tuppy catching up on her social sites

Ryan’s family from Florida joined us for Christmas, too.  Then 2 days later, Steph and Tris went for an anniversary celebration and we got the kids and Tuppy-the-Puppy, which made for very merry and bright days, too.

amelie belle
Amelie’s first night ever to stay over with ALL the cousins. She is a big girl now!

Just for added fun, we invited over Hunter and the 2 Rhoades baby girls.

gemma and guini with their relief paintings
Guini and Gemma did “snow” relief paintings with melted wax candles and a watercolor wash.

And the grand-boys and their grand-poppa made this little freeze-frame video.

Using 145 different photographs to fill this 54-second film, we present “Magi This!”  It would have been a longer story, but their parents showed up early.

Now, look around.  What do you see?  Are you blessed, warm, fed and secure?  Has God been faithful up to now?  Freeze the frame in your heart and save it for a rainy day.  Then remember…

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