6:00 a.m.  I am happy to report that the little pile of garden “debris,” some stray grass and old roots that I had pulled from one of the beds while “spring-cleaning” my 3′ x 3′ area the other day, has been gratefully discovered and is being used by a large group of small sparrows and a couple of fat robins.  They, in turn, are digging through the little pile and whisking off what they can use to feather their nests.


I am happy to have been of service.

A glorious morning is shaping up…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Leave the bat cave at regular intervals today – look directly into the sun.

NOTE:  The Aspens are leafing out rapidly this week!  The Purple-Leafed Sand Cherries are heavy with dainty, pink flowers – a bit late this year, but worth the wait.  They knew to hide until the snow blizzard had passed.

pictured: google image

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