That is me moaning and groaning. 

So Dave did test positive for type-A influenza and since it isn’t flu season here, they just go ahead and treat it like it is the h1n1/swine flu thing or whatever.  When he was about 2 days in, I started getting symptoms, but trying to pretend they were all just in my head.

They weren’t.  I am sick.  Very painful, achy, chills, an elephant sitting on my chest, headachy, miserable, feverish, delirious.  Don’t get this!

The cutest little girl sat beside me in the doctor’s waiting room yesterday thoroughly fascinated by the yellow mask they made me wear.  Her grandmother nearly yanked her away from me by the hair to get her across the room when she noticed.

Unclean.  Unclean.  That is me.  Dave is doing better now.  I expect to resume my life by tomorrow sometime, or else.

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