7 thoughts on “First Tomato Sighting

  1. Yay! I love tomatoes! I was so excited the other day when I was at Good Times that they now have FDA approved tomatoes…it made my sandwich all the more delicious:)

  2. Woo-hoo!I’ve only had my tomato plants in the ground for 1 week and I think they have doubled in size. A man in Herberger’s said to fertilize with Alaska fish emulsion and my plants would be the biggest ever. I think it is working. It smelled, well, like dead fish. Hope it doesn’t add flavor to the soil. That would be completely disgusting.

  3. I saw a yellow blossom. But we haven’t had enough rain. And I’m a bad water-er. But I have 4 plants in the ground (clay and rock) that I’m very proud of. As for dreaded diseases carried by a couple sad tomatoes…I choose to not live in fear, but to rebuke the enemy and fry the bacon!

  4. Ohhh~ how CUTE! Tomatoes only smile at loving gardeners. (Unless Bryan is right!) That was so beautiful! Like a quote that should be made famous for posterity…

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