Favorite websites

I think I have mentioned Pinterest.  Ahem.

I use GOOGLE like a crazy woman.

But the best site for my heart and soul??


Raaaah.  cheering.  Applause!

www.biblegateway.com You can listen to several translations, including Spanish if you want.  You can think of a scripture and see it in 5 different translations all at once.  There are reading plans, cross-references and commentaries included in the resources.  It is the Word of God made abundantly available on your PC, Mac, iPad, smart phone or whatever you’re hooked up to.  I am not sure if Martha Stewart is aware or not, but I can tell you :  IT’S  A GOOD THING!!

A screen-save from a quick look-up this morning.  The above are my fav translations to check out, btw.

Time with Stephanie Morgan brought health to my very bones today (bone health at my age is way important!).  She is a good news bringer.  :> PLUS?  63-breezy degrees and a wedding 2 weeks from today.

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