Fixed or oscillating?

Dave likes the fan in a fixed position, turned slightly away from wherever he is.

I like it oscillating, on me as much as possible and reminding me of the Maui Breeze for which it is named.

This difference in fan preference has yet to be rectified-almost 31 years later.

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{Today is the 31st anniversary of our first date that I didn’t know was a date, but it turned out that it was, indeed, a date and then it was such a great date we ended up married just 58 days later, which is not a very long time whether you count it by days or weeks (7 weeks, 2 days) or months (not quite 2), but has actually worked out pretty well and yes, some of it has been really intense work, but lots of it has been glorious, too and Dave still loves me, he does, and that is something to be grateful for…}

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