Falling Back and the Delicious “Extra Hour”

Daylight Savings Time and the practice of setting clocks back one hour in the fall and forward one hour in the spring (fall back, spring forward!) does not bug me nearly as much as it did at one time.

Soon after we were married we lived in Kokomo, IN where they did not observe Daylight Savings Time, so when the rest of the world changed, we just defiantly stayed put.  And primetime programming for us was 8-11 pm, and the ten o’clock news came on at 11.  We were out of sync with the rest of the nation for 6 months out of the year, as if we were defending some right to religious freedom?  THAT was weird!  AND you could always count on your lowest church year attendance with that “lost hour” each spring when we pastored.  Very troubling.  This is why, you’ll notice, churches are the greatest trumpeters bar none, of the whole clock-setting, time-changing ordeal! 

But no, I am not troubled by it now like in the old days.  Now I am only aggravated by every single time-related conversation for at least a week after the time change being some thing like:

Me: What time is it?

Other person: It is ____ o’clock…but REALLY it is ____ o’clock!

Yes, people want to tell me what time it would have been if Daylight Savings Time had not just upset our entire universes by one hour.  I’m pretty sure I could calculate that on my own, if I ever needed to.  But it did change, people, it did!  Roll with it.

Now, in the fall, I relish in the wondrous thought of an extra hour.  This morning I am up pondering how to be a worshiper who can bring God joy by my praises, my song, my love.  I have just been sitting here lazily in the dark loving Him and bouncing ideas off of Him for some upcoming things while drinking my Rocky Mountain Thunder (dark roast by Boyer’s). 

We never have enough time, yet – today, we get an extra hour.  This is wonderful.  This is a miracle.  This is a gift: An hour of time to spend any way we want. 

Enjoy yours…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: The question is not “what time is it?” but “what is it time for?”

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.”  Ecclesiastes 3.1 NIV

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