1 thought on “Doodle Dandy

  1. Hey my Sweet.~~~~as I was checking out your blog just now…with all the gorgeous breath taking flowers etc. Just wanted you to know that your comment about the Robin “dropping her eyes…and brushing her apron”….was soooo sweet. I have a connection with Robins myself here in Springfield. I get up every morning and start whistling to an empty tree just beyond the deck and it’s amazing, but soon the tree is filled with Robins whistling back at me…repeating their chatter over and over again til I get it right…and my cheeks are sore.! Ha! Twice now a Robin landed on the railing of the deck…looked at me for a second or two and then realized I was just a little too close for comfort and were back in the tree hopping from branch to branch …singing their little
    heart out once again as we continued our conversation. What fun.! Truly Awsome and Amazing.!
    Oh~~~and I saw a picture of the absquatulated camera that disappeared. Really gorgeous.! So sorry that it hasn’t reappeared by now.! Once again …..You brightened my day. I laughed joyously about the Robin. I could ‘almost’ ” see it” …as though I had been there myself.! What an Artist you are. Where’s that book you should have started on years ago.? Love ~~~~~Mom

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