dOn’t tell me hOw tO vOte


"Oprah Winfrey's star-studded, spectacular event raises $3 million for Barack Obama's presidency campaign," read the headlines a couple of  months ago.

I dread the presidential campaigning we are already beginning to endure.  There will be more pompous posturing and deceit and just plain meanness than I can stand.  It is hard enough to listen to the issues and attempt to choose a person with character to administrate and run the country in an honorable way.  Then the celebs jump in and it is all just a big, dazzling show.  I hope I am wrong in thinking people vote according how their particular favorite celebrities happen to vote.

Let me just say, I like Oprah.  I started liking her the second she took over AM Chicago in the early 80's, long before she went national on television with her self-named show.  I subscribe to her magazine, O, and watch her show when I get a chance.  She is a lifestyle guru with her hands in XM Satellite radio, the highest-rated talk-show in TV history and can make or break a book writer's career.  She is a billionaire who has been called the most influential and powerful woman in the world by CNN and Time magazine.

I would just like for her not to tell me how to vote.

"Oprah Winfrey arguably has more influence on the culture than any university president, politician, or religious leader, except perhaps, the Pope." – Vanity Fair


Bracing myself for November 2008…Jeanie

Pictured: Barack Obama on Oprah's show earlier this year. 

4 thoughts on “dOn’t tell me hOw tO vOte

  1. Daniel's gone all psycho, watching every presidential debate and learning the histories and stances of every candidate who might possibly even consider running.  I'm tired of hearing about it.  I'm so glad that he's getting well-informed, and I plan to, too, but not a year before the elections.  I, too, am afraid that people will vote like the election is a popularity test, not an actual presidential election.

  2. Speaking of elections, did you know Keith Snedecor will be the new mayor of Hobart, In after the Nov 6th election?!

  3. I have the same problem with the teamsters(I'm a member) they try to tell me how to vote too. We still have a year of this and I'm already sick of them all.

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