Don’t be a bore

“I’M BORED,” {says a person in a room with you, thereby implying some one nearby has somehow neglected to fulfill their every need and tend to their every whim – and it is probably you!}.

You’re bored?  REALLY?

You’re world-weary?  Blasé?  Uninterested/disinterested? Jaded?  Fed up?  You’re ennuied?  Stupified?  Listless?  So what you’re saying is you’re unfocused?  Unmotivated and dull?  Flagged, disconnected and inattentive?  So, you’re telling me you’re just spiritless and worn thin?  You’re just so turned off?  Just not having any fun?  At all?


Life is rich.  Life is full.  There are books to read.  Movies to see.  Songs to sing.  Friendships to discover.  Problems to solve.  Challenges to overcome.  There are things that you could write about-things you and only you see.  There is advice to share, coffee to drink, people to visit, places to go and paths to explore.  There is love to give (and there are people who need it so much) and even silence enjoy.  Shhhh….silence is OK.  Quiet is sweet.  I mean really: do you already know everything there is to know?  Have you actually achieved everything there is on the earth?  If you’re in a transient state of pervasive lack of interest…Die already, then.



When you say you are bored, you are holding other people responsible for your happiness.  When you say it, I am thinking {imagine the way Stormie would say this}: YOU are a bore! 

Don’t drain me.  Don’t hold me responsible for you not having any interests in anything besides your well-being.  That is surely the most boring place in the universe to be ~ within the circle of your self-centeredness.  No wonder.

The Rhoades Home: I NEVER let my kids throw the boredom card on the table.  Because I always had a suggestion: Wanna vacuum??

This is why my kids are so interesting and amazing (if I do say so, myself).  They are focused, enthusiastic and full of life.  They try new things, have gone further than I ever will and have endless spirit and connectedness to people, life, experience and achievement.   They are world-savvy, resourceful and have deep wells of ability.  In courageousness and bravery, I have much to learn.  Their world is huge, but they shine like stars in the universe.   Blessed and loving,  gifted and giving, they run circles around me and I love it.  And I am taking a little credit because being bored with their circumstances wasn’t an option (and because I did endure pregnancy and childbirth with each one-that counts for something!).  And they have learned to live the abundant life.

Climbing off my soapbox now. 

Dang.  I am a judgmental bore, aren’t I?

UPDATE:  After 17 emails, a couple of phone calls and my own daughters gasping, please know, friends/family/people I love-this isn’t about any of you.  I promise.

3 thoughts on “Don’t be a bore

  1. First off, I liked this post. I never thought it to be about any one person but maybe all of us. We all can be bord at one point in our lives. I know I have. If anything this was a good eye opener. So thanks!

  2. For the record, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with this post:) I totally remember you always telling us not to say we were bored and I am still thankful for that today:) There are always things I can be doing and I feel I am a better person for not having a mindset that leans toward thinking boredom is normal and okay. God created such a beautiful life for us and to be bored when there are so many things to see and do and take in just seems silly to me:)

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