Delight @ Christmas

I am attending this tonight.  Speaking, actually.

Isn’t it cute?  Very happy graphic.

To save myself from approximately $37.82 in candle cost, I had each of the grandbebes fashion a poster-card Christmas tree for me.

First, I traced around by biggest party serving platter to get a large circle.  One circle provides 4 trees, just cut across once both ways.  You get sort of a triangle with a curved bottom edge.  Each grandchild could color with markers or crayons in any way they wished.  We rolled them into cones and stapled, taped or glued the seam.  Then they each chose one color of glitter to add pizzaz and topped the trees with stars on a toothpick.  They decided on which candlestick they wanted for display and voila!  I have 6 of the cutest little Christmas trees I have ever seen on my table, sparkling and making merry for all they are worth (and they are worth soooooo much to me!).

When I went to snap a photo I realized – hey these remind me of the Women’s Christmas Dessert graphic!  How delightful!

That is correct.  I did not iron my tablecloth before snapping this shot.  Nor did I iron it after.  It may or may not get ironed sometime during the Christmas season of 2011.

Left-to-right:  Amelie Belle (1 1/2) chose pretty light pink glitter and a very “open” design with not much clutter, because there was running about to do.  In the foreground, however, with the hot pink star and the highly colorful tree by her big sister, Averi-J, silver glitter and shiny baubles were painstakingly applied and Averi (almost 4) was absolutely set on a candlestick with “jewelry.”

That great big tree with the purple star belongs to Gavin (8) and his was 100% covered in Mod Podge and clear glitter so his designs show through.  Very crystal-y and tall!  The purple tree just in front of his came from the heart-and-soul of his sister Guini (6), who covered what little white of the poster-board may have been exposed with Martha Stewart gold glitter.  It is interesting to note that various colors were made available, but also sizes of glitter and the kids all wanted the finer stuff – not the big chunky glitter I grew up with and seems to be making a fashion comeback?

You’ll barely see peeking out (bad Nonna photography), Gemma’s (4) red star and bright, happy white and colorful adorned tree on a white candlestick.  And the one all the way on the right belongs to Hunter (7).  He was probably, next to Amelie, the most conservative with his use of glitter.  He chose my lime-green-obsession, but just for small touches here and there.

Zephaniah 3.17

For the Lord your God is living among you. He is WITH you!

He is a mighty savior. Jesus saves – mightily!

He delights big-time in you with gladness and uproarious affection.

With his love, he will calm all your fears.

He will rejoice (not just joy, but RE-joy, again and again) over you with joyful songs.


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