David Michael Powers


Happy birthday, Dave – son-in-law extraordinaire. (pictured: Dave as a little boy I did not yet know…)

June 16, 1981 was a really monumental day in my life, I just didn't know how monumental at the time.  On that day, far away in Minot, North Dakota, dad was proposing to me (we were married about 5 weeks later) – my dreams were coming true!

And YOU were born that day, too!

The first time I heard your name, "Dave Powers," it was Rocky describing you.  Rocky, who is not given to being easily impressed, was raving about you, excited to get to work alongside you at a worship conference.

"Oh, Dave Powers is so awesome," he was telling me.  "He is just an incredible worship leader."  Immediately, I liked your name.  I liked that Rocky had found some one he looked up to. 

Over the next few months, getting acquainted with you, I must admit, I really wished Tara could go for some one like you.  I'd hope that the two of you could meet sometime.  I never wanted to be one of "those" moms who stalks some cute guy for their daughter, but I was like, "Lord, – help me out here…this works for me…whaddya think?"  I am so glad to know that God was way ahead of me.

I am so pleased that God gave you as a son to us, that the very day we were committing to a life together, you were born – a gift for our future, Tara's dreams coming true, too.

You were an answer to much prayer.  You were the fulfillment of the clear vision God had given me concerning Tara's life and the man she would marry and the joy and delight he would bring to our family.  You walked in and re-ignited some lost passions and time-weakened dreams and became one of us, as if we'd never known a time before you.  You consecrated our new home with worship and your voice from those early days continues to echo in my memory – the many weekends you'd spend here, your time off from the ministerial internship, guitar in hand…We could see God's hand and blessing on you so clearly, we felt honored to offer this man of God our couch and a blanket.  You did drive me a little crazy with all the questions and inquisitiveness, but you drew me back out of a self-imposed exile and honored me by receiving what little I had to offer.


And the coolest thing of all: you and Tara did meet and you were exactly everything she had always hoped for – yea, God!  Thank-You!  And I am pretty impressed with myself for seeing it, too.  (Trust your mother, girls.) 

You're a good son.  You're a constant blessing to us.  You're a godly husband and father.  We couldn't love you more if you'd been born into our arms that day.  We thank God for you, every single day, we thank God for you!

Happy Birthday, Dave, love you so much…mom

NOTE TO SELF:  Get Dave over here with a guitar again.  It's time to hear the new song…

6 thoughts on “David Michael Powers

  1. Yes, you have been a blessing to us. And you have been an inspiration to me personally. Your life and love and joy and passion have spurred me to live a better example of a believer before you. Sometimes, I fall short, but I am always striving to be a Godly man for you to look up to. I love you son. The talks that we've had are joy, the times of worship both at home and on stage can't be compared to anything this side of heaven. And I know that the angels stand in awe when you sing of God's grace and love. I am so proud to call you my son and along with all the kids, I think you are all the coolest people on the planet. Love dad

  2. Happy Birthday, Dave!  You have blessed us everyday since entering this family.  Thank God that He knew exactly what we needed and exactly what Tara needed.  I love you!  -Dess

  3. I love you so much babe! I am still in shock that I married the most AMAZING, incredible, beautiful, spiritual giant of a MAN. God has definitely blessed me. I remember you today and always! happy happy birthday, AMEN!

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