Cupcakes on a Martini glass

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This was Guini's "cupcake tower" when she turned 2 in July.  Stormie and I just went wild with color and stacked a bunch of dishes, including a martini glass on which to pile the mini-cakes.  I know they sell those plastic cupcake holders now, but I hate buying something I will probably never use again. Her party invites had cupcakes on them, so we definitely had a theme going.

It's been a cake-crazed few months!!!    See previous!

I'm such an amateur, but it's pretty fun!…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: Finish up wedding cake strategy for Audrey's cake and order the pans…find out what Jovan is wanting for her shower?…hmmmm….

4 thoughts on “Cupcakes on a Martini glass

  1. No – it was really pretty sturdy.  We started with a  big oval platter.  A small crystal cake stand went on top of that (the Barbie doll cake later sat on that same cake stand).  Then the martini glass and a crystal plate on top of that.  We just piled them on and hoped for the best.  No disasters!

  2. Yes it has been cake-crazed lately!  On Sunday night when our family got together for dinner – Tristan and I were in charge of dessert, so we decided to make a plain old chocolate cake.  While I was mixing the batter, Gavin came up to me and asked what it was.  I told him –  'It's a cake for tonight', and he asked excitedly – 'Who's birthday is it?!?!?'  Our kids are always going to think that it is normal to celebrate three or four birthdays a month;o)

  3. If you want pans, we have scads of them.  Hubby used to be a Pastry Chef, so our whole basement is full of all things "Cake Decorating" you could desire.  I'm sure he'd give you a deal, knowing that we're "friends from the blogosphere" and all… ;)

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