Closet Organizing Made Easy! ??? !

That was the title of the article in my HGTV e-newsletter, “Closet Organizing Made Easy.”  THIS was the accompanying picture.   Seriously?  If I only owned two skirts, one pair of pants, 2 weird hats and 5 shirts I would NOT NEED their help organizing my closet.  What the heck are they trying to pull here?


It does look nice, though.  Except for those hats and the clothing colors.  So maybe it doesn’t.

5 thoughts on “Closet Organizing Made Easy! ??? !

  1. I don’t know about you, but my closet totally looks like that. All the time, there is never a single item out of place, let a lone a pile of clothes right next to the laundry basket… I thought everyone lived like me…

  2. I am still laughing… at the unmitigated gall it took someone to put the words “closet,” “organization,” and “easy” all together in the same sentence.

    Ah, that one very amusing thing will carry me through the whole weekend…

    That and that lady in the scrap gold commercial–“I got five hundred dollars for MY scrap gold.” :)

  3. I love how the lime green hat matches the lime green wall and nothing else in the closet…

    So what happens when you share a closet with your husband? ‘Cause in my opinion, closet organization just stops right there.

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