Ciao, Sayonara, Cheerio & Toodle-oo

The kitchen is drenched is sweeteness and chocolate today.

The Phipps fam is leaving us.  Moving to Texas for 3 months before settling where the new job will place them.  We are helping Stef & Wrex make yummies for their dessert (as in, they are “deserting” us) party tomorrow.  There will be cotton candy, Krispie Treat Toodle-oos on sticks, Cake Pop Bon-Bon Voyages, Farewell Fruit Kabobs and way too many other wondrous {extreme sweet} delectibles.

Never one to skimp on style, Stef is directing a myriad of projects in both the cuisine and decor-style arenas.

Wrex intermittently breaks out into one of his greatest song hits, any one of the number of birthday songs he and Stef wrote and he performed for us.  Makes the day interesting.

1 thought on “Ciao, Sayonara, Cheerio & Toodle-oo

  1. Hysterical! Jeanie fails to mention that she was in the kitchen ALL DAY with us giving advice and lending hands… How are we ever REALLY gonna leave this place!?!?!?

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