Church @ Christmas

The Celebration Center



Glittery angels.


Three big wreaths (almost 7 foot and 2 5 1/2 foot), draped in rich, royal red.

church-044 church-059

9-foot trees on tables with very glittery gold garlands.


Giant lighted garland and 16 pots of poinsettias.


The Garage


Flocked greenery.


Twinkling, sparkly snow-draped surfaces.


A seventeen-foot tree laden with clear and white ornamentations and antique gold and silver accents.


5-foot wreaths flanking a  wintry, but warm stagescape.


And etc.

dec-early-018 dec-early-021 dec-early-023 dec-early-024

dec-early-025 dec-early-040 dec-early-041 dec-early-042-copy

Northern Hills was built to be decorated for Christmas.  The hallways and cafe and foyers are warm yellows and golds, lending themselves to the perfect background for the reds and greens and silvers and golds of Christmas.  Oversized trees and wreaths are a must with such high ceilings.  The Celebration Center is decorated in traditional symbols of the season, the jewle-toned colors that make it Christmas.  The very dark Garage has “lighted snow” and flocked greenery because anything else would totally disappear.  The centerpiece of the display there is a 17-foot tree we created and adorned with hundreds of crystal clear and milky white ornaments, dotted with antique golds and silvers: a shimmery forest feel.

How many thousands of lights?  I lost count.  How many trees were re-purposed into over-sized wreaths and giant trees)?  A couple dozen between last year and this.  How many nice people helped?  A lot!

The real question is: what makes me, months before Christmas, start sketching designs and pouring over design websites dreaming about what the church could look like at Christmas?  Somebody stop me!  j/k

12 thoughts on “Church @ Christmas

  1. Wow. Amazing. And I speak with great wonder as a person who does not have the decorating gift, but greatly enjoys the fruits of others labors. And all with no budget! This is what Christmas is all about. Creating from nothing. Totally dependant on grace. Beautiful.

  2. WOW! That looks like a lot of WORK! VERY NICE! I think that your Kmart Christmas looks just GREAT! Some people can take nothing and make something. Your Mother was that way.
    So it is no surprise that you follow in her foot steps. Thanks for sharing! God Bless and you folks all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! Love Ya Very Much! – – -db- – –

  3. Jeanie,

    I second Sherri’s comments! You truly are gifted in this area. I stand in awe, and I cannot comprehend how this is nothing less than fabulous!!!!

    You inspire me to be better, my friend. Job well done, it’s fit for the presence!

  4. Very beautiful!!! I can’t wait to make those angels for my house. Audrey tells me they’re taking a beating, so sad. I only wish I could have helped you more. Everything came out great in the Garage! Way to go on that tree Dave! I sure miss decorating.

  5. No way, we don’t want to stop you and your artistic genius…it looks more beautiful than ever! Thank you for all of your time and energy, what a beautiful celebration!

  6. Wow! And again, wow! I am impressed.

    You know, you could come decorate my house next year. Not nearly as challenging and I might even have a budget for you to work with. Just, you know, as a warm up.

    This is what a church should look like at Christmas. Great job! to you and your helpers.

  7. It’s beautiful. The church looks like it’s huge, makes our church look very small…God has been good to us, even when we didn’t realize it His blessings just kept coming.


  8. Thanks, Jeanie, the Church looks AMAAAAZING. It was so fun to enjoy it throughout the Christmas season. And during the Christmas Eve services with just the candles and the Christmas lights on….beautiful! May God richly bless you for your giving to Him through your creativity!

  9. Jeanie,
    I just got so much joy reading through your blog. Thanks for sharing your life. :)
    Oh and that church!! Whew, someone should give you an award! It’s beautiful!
    Merry Christmas

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