Cheater Chile Rellenos

When you gotta have them.

I have grown the most gorgeous Poblano (Ancho) Chiles this year.  I neeeeeded Chile Rellenos for dinner, but it was late and I hadn’t roasted the peppers and removed the blistered skin or prepared homemade green chile with which to smother them.  I hadn’t found the perfect batter recipe, delicate and crispy, but strong enough to hold the gooey, hot, cheesy filling.  Ill-prepared, yes.  But more determined than ever, yes! yes! yes!

So here is what I did.

  1. I cut the stems off and removed the seed head.
  2. I threw them in the microwave to “blister” them, soften the peppers (5-6 minutes).
  3. Then I stuffed them with Monterey Jack cheese and wrapped them in an egg roll wrapper (8 oz. will fill about 6 chiles).
  4. Placed them in the skillet in hot oil just until they just golden-browned (less than 5 minutes total, turning once).
  5. Had Dave pick up a quart of green chile at Santiago’s on his way home.


Zero to dinner in 15 minutes flat, and Oh, baby – yummmmmmmmm

It is a cheat, but egg roll wrappers are egg-based much like relleno batter and even Italian pasta.  And it works.  And it is good.  And I have lots more Poblanos, thank-You, Jesus!

No picture: It was so good I ate them without remembering to take a picture.  Too bad.

2 thoughts on “Cheater Chile Rellenos

  1. The one thing I don’t like about chili relleno’s is the egg dipped batter. I think that is disgusting. So, the egg roll wrappers is a great substitute.

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