Cheap Date

I had a Friday night date with THREE guys (all very very good-looking, mind you) and they got off really easy for sure.  We went to McDonalds and I only had the small Spicy Chicken Sandwich and some fries off the dollar menu, with water.  Much like Kenny Banya on the Seinfeld episode, I feel I am still owed a meal!  (NOT a McDonalds fan)


It’s boy night here.  McD’s has a great play-thing and  Gavin and Hunter are having a sleep-over at our house.  Poppa even let them play with his vintage GI Joes and all the cool accessories in the foot locker.  The 1960s GI Joes were always my Barbie-doll’s love interests.  Ken was a little too…prissy.  I am certain the grandsons would be mortified to know my childhood secrets.

1 thought on “Cheap Date

  1. We did the same thing at my house when I was little – GI Joe’s were DEFINITELY better mates than Ken!! Can’t wait til Sawyer can play with Barbie’s! :)

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