Candi is this graceful, elegant, highly intellectual, runs-marathons kind-of-woman  She is an extremely organized, highly-respected and amazing early-thirty-something woman.  She can crunch numbers and run a business, plus has 2 totally cute and caring children.  I mean she is grace.  She is poised and thoughtful and admirable on so many levels I can’t even tell you.  But she is also a major prankster who gets away with it because it is so unexpected of her.  And really, when a camera comes out?  She is never straight.  She is always being silly.

That is why I am giggling nervously here and my tongue is hanging out.  Because I am expecting Candi to do something outrageous any second and make me look ridiculous.  {TRICKED AGAIN!}  She didn’t.  But I am always wary around her – that sly Candi!

See?  Here is proof.  She can be ornery!


Pictured: Mexi-can or Mexi-can’t?  Mexi-CAN!  Candi’s {first} plate of food at the HF Leadership Mexican Food Extravaganza Sunday night!  This is what you are missing if you are not joining the Heaven Fest leadership team.  You know resistance is futile, don’t you?








We hug and eat and laugh and eat and pray and hear what God is doing and eat some more and visit and get caught up and our vision is renewed and we get ready to run with the plans and the Heaven Fest people?  This is family!  Wanna join??  Let me know! 


5 thoughts on “Candi-Land

  1. gotta Love Candi…The girl know’s how to pull a prank fer shure!! I am still reminded of a sunny day at our kids’ elementary school parking lot. While I was tending to HER precious children in the playground, she noted my illegally parked car in the “Hug and Drop” zone and must have thought it an appropriate moment to place a “parking ticket” upon my windshield.

    I did think it curious how she quickly hurried her kids into her minivan and drove off, but really thought nothing of it.

    Finding this ticket under my wiper left me fit to be tied, to say the least, but I DID park illegally, so I DID deserve it. My darling, innocent daughter Hannah, noticing my utter distress, asked to see the ticket. She proceeded to read the possible offenses for receiving such a citation, and ONLY after hearing that I COULD have been ticketed for “parking like a jackass” did I come to my senses and realize I’d been HAD!!!

    **Don’t think I ever “Paid her back” for that little moment of joy. Hmm……

  2. It’s only with true, special, amazing friends that I am able to show my God-given playful side.

    P.S. Heather-You did pay me back. Remember all the e-cards for my birthday when I had dial-up internet?!

  3. I still say~~~Your hair doesn’t look bad at all~~~as far as the pictures go anyway. You look like a person in her 30’s…and I’m not

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