Bryan, you’re funny


Ok, ok – I am posting this comment I received about my last post from my friend, Bryan Younger.  His comments are always funny, but we have an ongoing dialogue about tomatoes because he hates them – and because of this I wonder, "Does God really want me to be his friend???"

Bryan's words:

Jeanie, consider this an intervention. You seem to have an addiction to the dreaded tomato, or, " Red Balls " as they're known on the street. First you write practically a sonnet to tomatoes.(see here) Then you forget to blog for a week because you have a tomato sandwich (see here).

Now, you're concentrating them. What happens when you run out? Maybe sneak a  little tomato juice? When thats not enough, maybe eating tomato paste out of a can with a spoon or squirting ketchup directly into your mouth. Please seek help before you're really "Red Balling" and start stealing ketchup packets from McDonalds. Jeanie we love you and are praying for you. 

Then Bryan ever so kindly pointed me to a website about tomato addictions.  Nice.

It's time for lunch.  Guess what I am having…Jeanie

NOTE:  Bryan and his wife Pearl (my dear, dear friend who loves tomatoes, too) just started a blog!  Check it out:

5 thoughts on “Bryan, you’re funny

  1. Ahh, the sweet red nectar that squirts tiny yellow seeds all over your shirt when you bite down. They say, and I never know who "they" is, that it is improper etiquette to eat cherry tomatoes at "State Dinners". Their reasoning is that when you bite down, they squirt! This happened to me the other day and now I have a little trail of goop down the front of one of my Hawaiian shirts… I find tomatoes wholesome and good to the taste if you have a dash of salt on top. Of course I don't eat them like Gavin does, like an apple, but I do enjoy a little bit of red sauce at times. It does give me heartburn sometimes…at least it did until Nexium came along…

  2. Thats my man. He just cant stand those ever so tasty vegie. I try to hide them in his food but he always finds them.  When the kids were little I had them try vegies before saying they didnt like them. So of cource I told him he had to eat them too so they would try them. I never could get him to try the tomato. Lucky for me the kids love them!  Yesterday I heard foods full of color have high antioxidants in them. So eat on! And I will keep hiding them! And lets not forget about all those other tasty vegies. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM VEGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. When I did a Google search to, you know, help out with your problem, this is what I got: Your search – "tomato addiction" 12-step – did not match any documents.  I guess you'll just have to keep eating them. If Google can't find something to save you, then it just ain't out there. Oh… and by the way, you can save the one or two you were going to give to Bryan, before you knew about his phobia, for me.  :)  And I did find this on Google, for Bryan's benefit: It's a program for people with issues just like his.  This particular issue is defined as "a persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of vegetables."  It even has a name – Lachanophobia.  Each year this surprisingly common phobia causes countless people needless distress. Bryan — seek help.  It's all there on Google. Let us know how it goes for you.

  4. I'm somebody now, I've been immortalized on a blog. I think I've found my niche in the world… comic relief! By the way Jeanie "red balling" is also known as "Mater Madness"

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