Brother Joe

Hey – check out a feature from today’s newspaper in Aberdeen, SD.   It’s all about my little brother, Joe who pastors there.   There is even an online clip of the building his congregation is renovating right now.  

They did a front page spread on him a few years ago with a big picture of the praying policeman.   Either Joe is just  super exciting or not much is going on in Aberdeen!   Ha!

I can’t fathom that gray hair when my hair  is still so naturally   “coffee” with dark red and honey streaks?


See the article here:

Joe-it is time to get your own blog!

Love, your big sister…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:   My favorite song from when I was 4?   “I’ve got the Joey, Joey, Joey, Joey down in my heart…”   Still do.

7 thoughts on “Brother Joe

  1. If Joe ate as many tomatoes as you do maybe his hair would be red also. I read the article and all I could think was I’m going to have to start giving Jeanie more respect or Joe will come and “annoint” me with his nightstick and lay hands on me as he is cuffing me.

  2. Hey, all – Note Joe’s southern drawl on the video clip as he is explaining what you are seeing. We lived VERY BRIEFLY in Louisiana, not far from N’Ow-leans…Joe never recovered.

  3. Rest Easy Bry-Bry,

    I gave up arresting people for Lent. Besides, we didn’t use nightsticks anymore…we were blessed with telescoping steel rods with a small steel ball in the tip; used for stricking non-compliant citizens on regulated areas of the body. It was understood you could take a grown man off his feet with a well placed strike to the common-peronial (outer-mid-thigh). (I have one word for you) Works!

    Thanks for the air-time my Sister…wasn’t necessary.

  4. I though I could walk away from this piece peacful like but you’re startin’ to get nasty! I do not have a drawl from the south…its a combination of many locations but based in laziness…it is quite rare.

  5. I was just going to say—–
    I love reading all the “sweet” notes that my children and their friends write out on the Blog comments—–like “the quickest way to grow red hair….is to —grow tomatoes….and of course…… eat them…
    and then also to find out that Louisiana is not only loaded with ticks, water bugs, fire ants….and lizards…but a very “rare” form
    of laziness….Ha! Love Mom

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