Blue Heron in mamala’s front yard

It is autumn in Indiana.

Hot coffee and letting my wet hair dry (freeze)  on my mom and dad’s deck on a *crispy-cool* Indiana morning.

The leaves are literally changing color as I watch them.

We have walked the paths and are enjoying the sun and chill in the air.  And blue, blue skies.  Did you know I love blue, blue skies?  I do.  I love blue, blue skies.  :)

Two Blue Herons off Lake Michigan came to visit and bid us a happy morning.

What they found to munch on, we haven’t a clue.

But I walked towards them and mamala came at them from behind the house, and we made them fly away so I could get a picture.  But drat.  It was on video and my cheap little cam is not focusing anymore on video.  But alas, we watched the heron, big as Florida flamingos, fly away.  Back to Lake Michigan.

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