Billy Graham and the Good News

Happy 95th Birthday, Billy Graham!

I love this tagline from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s website:

always good newsBecause when you are talking about what Jesus Christ came to do – isn’t it true?  It’s “Always Good News!”

I just finished reading a letter Billy Graham wrote asking us to pray with him.  See it {{HERE}}.  I’m in, Billy, praying with you!

The Cross on TV


Hey – over the next week or so,  they are going to be broadcasting what Billy Graham is calling his last  “message to our nation” and I just wanted to tell you that I will be watching and I hope you will, too.   It will be available on several different networks at various times, check local listings.

This man has had a tremendous impact in the world during his 95 years.  My husband received Jesus Christ as his Savior at a Billy Graham event at mile High Stadium here in Denver in 1965.   So, his influence at a very personal level cannot go unnoticed!

This is historic.  This is big.  He is not the latest-greatest, he isn’t the hippest-coolest.  But he is a man who has lived his life sharing really, amazing Good News.

Let’s show honor to an honorable patriarch of the faith and invite friends and family to stop and watch.  Will you?  Bring the kiddos, in, too.

With all my heart, I want to remind Americans of God’s amazing love and, as simply and clearly as I can, call people to ‘a repentance that leads to salvation’ (2 Corinthians 7:10, ESV). ~Billy Graham

Thank-you, Dr. Graham, for a lifetime of sharing the life-changing love of God and the great hope we have in Jesus Christ.

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  1. Yes and Amen! When he passes, it will be a great loss and the end of an era. He was called The Pastor to the Presidents. It’s sad that none of them want to be pastored now. And speaks of the state that our country is in. His voice has been a voice of clarity for past 7 decades. A constant in an inconsistent world. He was not rocked by scandal and has never changed his message to keep up with political correctness. A television minister of integrity when there are so few left. How far off in left field have we gotten in Christianity that the simple message of the Gospel no longer moves nor motivates us. When he stands soon before the throne, God will truly say, “Well done, you fulfilled My purpose for your generation. ” thank you Billy Graham, had it not been for you leading the way, my spiritual life would have been different.

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