Big News in small-town Brighton

Today’s Brighton Standard Blade features a layout about Prairie Playhouse’s “Annie” and its’  Daddy Warbucks-lead actor {ahem}, Dave Rhoades!

It is quite the spread!  Dave did an interview last week with Blade feature-writer, Christine Hollister, and said they visited extensively about our kids and family, but still, the article is quite a surprise.  Especially the fact that the reporter actually read several of my blog posts and QUOTED me – yes from this very blog you are reading!  Ha!  I am smiling a little!  Very fun day!

sneak peek on the front page and an up-close mentioning this blog, o yea!

More performances of Annie this weekend: Friday night, Saturday matinee and Saturday night. $7 at the door.  You can find out all the details at

page 4 and the finish on page 16

The article is just so nice and depicts Dave and all of us, really, in such a flattering light.  They even mentioned the “Heavenfest concerts.” {smile} We are so honored.

Even the dog gets a write-up and a WHOLE PAGE – wow!

Read the full article here (PDFs).

sb4_k and sb16_k

8 thoughts on “Big News in small-town Brighton

  1. Man, that is just so cool. I teared up reading it. What a blessing, and how cool that he was given a platform to bring honor to his family and his God.

    That is just so coool!!!

  2. WHERE’S MY COPY ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I’ve read it twice now~~~~but just gotta have a copy of the newspaper stuff! All of it! Written so professionally~and sooooo interesting.! Do I get an actual News Paper….of any…and all…written stories~~ articles~~advertisements and so forth ????? I Should! —– I’m one of their biggest “Fans” ya know! Would settle for a printed off copy if I have to!

  3. Thank you so much, for all the comments. I read the article and cried. In a manly way… Or not so much. You know me, I don’t mind crying and showing emotion. It was such a flattering article that Christine did and let everyone know how much fun we are having! We had this week off with no rehearsals and I told Shauna (our director) “you must really have a lot of confidence in us” and she said: “Yes, I do!” I’ve gotten several emails from cast members that they are all going through Annie withdrawals. So we can’t wait to get back on stage Friday night. I looked up the all time record breaking, long running Broadway shows, once held by CATS and now held by Phantom and it has done over 7000 shows! I told Jeanie I know now how someone could take that stage every night for 7000 performances. There is nothing like it… Well, not quite the same…
    We got that standing ovation the first night, due in part to a lot of you.
    Thanks you all who have come and will come!!!!
    So much fun!!!!

  4. This is just so~~~~~~~~~~~neat!
    I am just so proud of my family….with all the excitement….and all and wish I could have been there.

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