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  1. did you cut the pieces into 4-6″ wide – long straight strips or are they more triangular?? i wanna put one together for my daughter who’s celebrating her 3rd birthday at the end of the month.
    thanks!! :)

    1. Hey, Michelle,

      Thanks for your comments on the skirt I made for my granddaughter. I actually did cut the fabric into strips, however, then cut a slant into the ends to add interest. I also did elastic and I am not sure if I mentioned it on the blog, but since then, I use a sturdy ribbon instead. Grosgrain is a good choice. Then it just ties around the waist.

      The boots she was wearing actually came from Target from a couple years back, hand-me-downs from her big sister. :)

      I know you will have fun with it!



  2. I absolutely love this skirt!! I am currently working on one right now. I do have a quick question though. How did you tie the fabric on, and where did you start on the fabric where you tied it from? Thank you!

    1. Hi, Amanda.

      I just made another one 2 weeks ago and I no longer elastic, but rather some nice, sturdy grosgrain ribbon, 1 1/2-2″ width. Hard to believe, but true, you just tie it, one simple tie around the ribbon. I tie them on, beginning at each “front side” and keep tying more on. I tie them fairly firmly, but not super tight until I know I have placed all the scraps I wanted. That way I can slide them around and re-arrange if I need to. Once all of it is where I want it to be, I pull each piece super-tight. But it is just a regular old criss-cross-slip-through tie. :)

      1. I just wanted to say that the skirt was a success!!! I absolutely am in love with it!!! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful idea! I had so much doing this project. I can’t wait to do more…..

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