Who has gotten 8367 phone calls in 2.67 weeks and a 13-foot-high stack of political flyers and had 27.2 people per day ring the doorbell to talk election???  Us.  Uh-huh.

It was strangely quiet the other day.  I didn’t know why until I left the house and saw Dave had placed this out there for all to see:

No, we’re not bitter.  We’re just glad the election is going to be done.  And yes, we did vote.  Because THAT is what good citizens do.  :)

Note to the person who put the $10 off Kohl’s coupon on our door knob, anyway:  Kinda glad you can’t read or didn’t bother to read this sign because I am happy to have the $10!  What are they paying you for this high-quality work???

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