Baby Jesus Remains at Large

Oh, sure.  Everybody is just enjoying their Christmas Eve.  But how will they feel tomorrow, I wonder, if I refuse to allow the festivities to proceed until the Baby Jesus has been found and returned to His birth stable?  Uh-huh.  Then they’ll understand the importance.

Update for those behind on the story:  The Baby Jesus from the (unbreakable-kid-version) Nativity set came up missing sometime during the Rhoades family Christmas dinner last weekend.  There was a sighting (by Hunter) in the bedroom formerly known as Tredessa’s or Zach’s old room.  But tips on His whereabouts have not yet panned out.

R E W A R D   O F F E R E D.

3 thoughts on “Baby Jesus Remains at Large

  1. All I can say is~~~~ just keep looking—keepwatching—-don’t ever quit! and one of these days very soon~~~~He will show up once again…all on His own. ! ! ! Love~~~Grandma

  2. Every year, my mother sets up a nativity scene and Daniel steals baby Jesus to hide him somewhere in the house until Christmas morning. At that time, he causes Jesus to appear out from underneath Mary’s skirts (he has a knack for being just a touch too literal) and depositing him in the manger.

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