3 thoughts on “Apparent

  1. yes…why the need for metal detectors anyway? Why not have the treasure lying clearly on top the soil right where it can be seen, assessed and easily snatched if in fact it is the very thing we want? I’ll tell you 5 reasons why:

    1. Because of greed! Too many would snatuch it away before you get there just because
    that’s what they do.
    2. Because anticipation really has nothing to do with ketchup after all- it really is gently connected to hope, like an appendix.

  2. sorry for the glitch…I’ll continue…

    3. Because then they would have to remove the word endurance from the dictionary.
    4. Because then ‘treasure’ would become ‘clutter.’
    5. Because getting there is half the fun…searching increases the sugar value (it becomes so much sweeter).

    A word of caution: I know a man who is unusually ‘blessed.’ He falls into the most amazing blessings in life all the time…sadly, he lives board. He calls to find out why he has no joy…he has so much and it all feels dead to him. So those of us who feel un-blessed at times really are in fact blessed even though the blessing remain obscured for much of our lives…we are blessed- even if we need a metal detector to see it.

  3. Just one more thought for my tri-fecta…

    What was it Dottie Rambo said? … “Thank you, for the valley I walk through today…?”

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