Another Layer of the Onion

“Someone” {ahem} said from the previous pictures of my garden onions-turned-bouquet which I posted HERE, you couldn’t actually tell the size…that they might have been 10 or 12 inches in heighh from my posted pictures.

So just to clarify, I snapped a couple of shots with the yard stick.  They are 42″ for the highest several stalks, maybe 43″.  Do you call them “stalks”?  Anyway, days later, they are healthy, tall and making me smile.  Did I mention they are tall?


Just saying.

4 thoughts on “Another Layer of the Onion

    1. Haha. I know, Stef. I took the photo 2 days ago and the yard stick is still leaning as if I am expecting them to continue to grow, haha). Stormie says, “More onion pictures for your blog?” I am so silly.

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