Angel Dust is everywhere!

Angels we have on heard high

Sweetly singing ore the plains

And the mountains in reply

Echoing their joyous strains

Gloria in excelsis Deo

Gloria in excelsis Deo

Hot glue + fabric-scraps + gold poster board and tempera paint and some old frames + white poster board + Elmer’s and angel dust (aka white/clear glitter) = getting ready for the Nativity shoot on Saturday.

Stormie gave me the tsk, tsk “You make new angel wings every time.”

And Dave said: You need to be creating costumes we can keep for the theater company.

Easy sign-making tips here and here

But people – the grandbebes grow at a terribly fast rate and we haven’t done Nativity since 2010 and you just don’t need wings in your everyday life.  So I think poster board wings are fine and I choose hot-glue seams over sewing and an old-old-old pillowcase will make a fine head-dress for a shepherd and some actual used drop cloth will seem as though it has been on a real shepherd in the field keeping watch over the sheep by night.

Wings & Angel Dust:

Mary’s costume is almost done, just some ribbons and final touches  (“gown” made from a dollar store backed-table cover).  Two of three angels are complete.  Joseph and the shepherd next.  I am getting excited!

What is that sound? Is it the sound of angel choirs? No. It is Dave frantically vacuuming up the glitter. Good luck with that, honey!  :)

Merry Christmas, people.  12 days until THE day…Love & JOY come to you!

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