ALTAR by Dave is on to the next level!

Dave’s Book Made it Through to the Next Round!


Thank-you for voting  for Dave’s book.  There were 40 entries which have now been narrowed to the top 18.  
The next voting round is in early December (2 weeks away).  I will have details like the date and the HOW-TO here on the blog.  Marcher Lord Press will be posting the first 30 pages of each novel.  That vote will narrow it to 3 entries for the final vote in January.
THANK-YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO VOTED.  Remember-each registered voter only gets one chance each round, but multiple people in households are ok, so you know, nudge your spouse!  Thanks again, everybody!

BTW~His book was 4th highest voter-getter out of 40.  We have to get him in to the TOP THREE!

2 thoughts on “ALTAR by Dave is on to the next level!

  1. YAAAAAAAAAAY…shout! ! ! ! -going up in the middle of my basement! CONGRATULATIONS DAVE!
    I’m just glad you didn’t miss it by one vote……because ~~~It would have been “my” lack of getting a vote in for you—although I tried no less than 3 or 4 times. over that 3 day period. I am excited. hope when the next round arrives–I’ll be able to vote…or at least read the 30 page segment of your book

    I am sooooo excited.! YOU’RE GREAT DAVE. ….and this just may be the “beginning” of something far more awesome than anything you could ever have imagined —other than spending eternity with your Savior.! Love Mom

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