Advent Song // Get Up and Do a Christmas Jig!

So, I just feel like today, as the temp is dropping, a nice, upbeat, dancing number is in order (just to keep us warm, for crying out loud).  So we’ll listen, sing with, and dance to:

Filled with Your Glory by Starfield

dec 2012 grandbebes

Stephanie took this shot of our 6 grandbebes last Christmas.  Now we habe 8.  Soon…

I love the powerful imagery created by the words:  Angels and men adore, mountains bow and oceans roar.  Creation longs for what’s in store… Well, YES!  Don’t you just have the sense that we’re all really pretty well sunk if the LORD does not show up and fill the earth with His very Glory – just like the water fills the sea?  I think Creation is crying out for His Presence and Glory and we better do that, too.  Though we live in so much light (because {Jesus} the LIGHT came), we sure are managing to embrace living that darkens the future for our planet, for nations, for the hearts and souls of children.  Arise and shine, people of God, for the glory of the LORD is risen upon you!

I’m kind of with the ocean on this one: maybe we need to be letting out a roar for His glory!

The whole earth

Is filled with Your glory, Lord

Angels and men adore

(Mountains bow and oceans roar)

Creation longs for what’s in store

May You be

Honored and glorified

Exalted and lifted high

Here at Your feet I lay my life

Great prayer for our Advent observation!

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