Act Your Stage

Rob Kelly, a preaching pastor at my local church, and my incredible son-in-law, Dave, preached "tag-team style" yesterday and it was an awesome message with incredible response from hungry hearts and people thirsting for something real.

The main text was from 1 John 2.12-14 which addresses believers according to the stages or levels of their spiritual growth rather than their ages.  This epistle was written to believers who were being polarized by false teachers who substituted "intellectual pursuits for faith and exalted speculation above the basic tenants of the gospel."*  John vigorously exposed the heresy and, on a strong love foundtion, confirmed the true faith of all believers – in the varied stages of faith in which they found themselves.  Check out the passage from The Message:

I remind you, my dear children: Your sins are forgiven in Jesus' Name. 

You veterans were in on the ground floor and know the One who started all this; You newcomers have won a big vistory over the evil one.

And a second reminder, dear children:You know the Father from personal experience.

You veterans know the One who started it all; And you newcomers – such vitality and strength!  God's Word is steady in you. Your fellowship with God enables you to gain victory over the evil one.

I love the young Christian's passion and energy to go after God.  I hope a young Christian can see the veteran in me and still want to come this way. 

We're in this together, whatever your stage or mine…Jeanie

NOTE: Thanks to Rob for saying that we have to be a HOUSE OF PRAYER and a  PEOPLE OF THE WORD.  That is a vision we can run with until Jesus returns! And – thanks to my son, Dave, for showing people how to get into the Word so the Word can get into them.  You're salty.  You make people thirsty.

NOTE: *from The Spirit-Filled Life Study Bible, Jack Hayford

NOTE TO SELF: God, let Your Word be steady in me, steady and strong.

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  1. A very powerful message indeed. I think we all (my family anyway) left feeling a bit convicted.I know I did.It pointed out to me that I havn't been the follower I once was. I still love God I'm just taking to much control letting to much old Bryan back into my life. I learned some great new advice for studying already downloaded e-sword. I loved Daves portion especially , he forced me to look inward and thats a scary place to look. Theres some stuff in there that I don't want to see again. Love you guys Bryan

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