A Whole Lotta Reading on the 7th Day of Christmas

Has it been a WEEK since Christmas already?

12 days

Well, must have been because New Year’s Day = a Walking Dead marathon and that is happening right here at my house.  Some sounds are not good for a recovering-sickie and that show has lots of those.  Ick…

on the 7th day of christmas

“Readers are Leaders” – my dad told me that

But he didn’t tell me that until I was married with a houseful of children (with no time to read) because when I was a little girl he worried that something was wrong with me because all I did was read and he wanted me out skipping rocks or something.  I had actually been trying to curb my reading appetite.  Haha.  Nobody reads more than he does now that he is retired, for sure!

I am doing the whole #emptyshelf challenge via Jon Acuff, so until I get my official backstage pass to the shared Pinterest board (I was late), I’ll post my progress here.  Most people cleared off a shelf in their houses to put the books they read this year, but since my Kindle Reader has almost 50 books in it now (several only partially read…hehe), I will probably be doing mostly digital (which is so weird to me)…or not.  But in any case, I decided to make a chart for myself for the updates.

empty shelf update and goal

And though it is true, I have never once actually completed reading 52 books in a one year period, I have probably read parts of 200 or more in that time frame.  So, that’s something, isn’t it?  With all the Kindle books to choose from, plus, you know, like thousands I own…and then the library audio downloads I have just started getting into, well, it could happen!

Something new I am going to try this year

Donald Miller’s Storyline Productivity Planner.  I like it because it is pen on paper, low-tech.  Is it ok if I step away from technology and use paper in a notebook?  Please, just for this one little area?  Ok, then.  You should check it out.  Just google it “donald miller storyline productivity planner” and you’ll see a PDF link right at the top.  If you wanna.

On the first day of a brand new year and the 7th day of Christmas, here is what I know for sure:

He is real, Jesus is real.  And that makes everything that is about to happen, in 2014 and beyond, the adventure of a lifetime, tears, pain, love and joy – all of it.  And anything that ultimately brings Him glory – it’s gonna be worth it.

This blew me awayshut off your phone for 15 minutes…watch

Happy New Year, people I love, and people I will love if ever I get the chance.  :)

Um, I’m wondering – is it wrong of me to add this book to my reading list???

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