A Very Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours!

OK. This is what happens.  You spend years making ridiculous amounts of food for Thanksgiving.  Then one day you realize: NO ONE needs that much food at one meal on one day EVER.  So, you say to the now-grown children, “Let’s simplify.  Let’s do less.  L:et’s decide to fix only what we must positively have to create the Thanksgiving feast of our dreams.”

And when all is said and done and everyone has made their decisions – we are still having too much food

At least now they all pitch in, so my life really is easier.

We’re pretty traditional.   I am roasting the 23.18 pound turkey.  I’ll just create the fabulous dressing on the side because that whole stuffing-inside-the-turkey thing is still a bit scary…you never know.  I will also mash 10 pounds of real-butter-and-heavy-cream potatoes with just the right amount of garlic.  They are to die for, if I must say so myself.  And I am an amazing gravy-maker.  There’ll be some dips and hors d’eouvres (gotta have the shrimp cocktail with Bookman’s sauce) and that is it!  The rest of the sides and pies and must-haves will come from my kiddos.

What are you eating Thursday?…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Better check Martha’s website to make sure I’m up on the latest turkey info…

7 thoughts on “A Very Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours!

  1. I’ll be eating TWO full Thanksgiving meals. One at 2 Oclock One at 5.Pearl will be rolling me into bed that night.It’s been my experience that pretty much anything you make is amazing and to die for.

  2. We are hosting our very first Thanksgiving this year. Not too many people, just the family – but for 6 people, that includes a 13 month old toddler – we will be having a Turkey, green beans, corn, green chili, real mashed potatoes, rolls, cranberries, home made apple and pumkin pies, and of course home made chocolate chip cookies – could we really need all that food? IT will be a great time – Enjoy the day!

  3. A note to all – calories don’t count on Thanksgiving…or Christmas for that matter – so eat up! It’s gonna be FABULOUS!

  4. A note to Stef – calories also don’t count if they come from something round (e.g., doughnuts, cheesecakes, quiches, apple pies, anything served in a round crock, round cheese). It has helped me SO much, this round thing. :)

    We are boycotting the meal this year in favor of rest. We won’t have our kiddos so it will just be us two. Maybe we’ll just have Top Ramen, I don’t know, but we’re going to sleep in and watch movies, and spend some precious hours reconnecting and giving thanks. We’ve gone somewhere (out of state or almost) for every holiday for the past several years and I’m completely excited about the thought of staying home with My Hubby ALL. DAY. LONG. Just the two of us. I can hardly wait!

  5. I know this is post-the-day, but I’ve been a little distracted, frankly. We had 31 people for the meal. Only 2 not-married-to or blood O’Neals. And we were 6 short. So, we had 2 turkeys, homemade rolls, mashed potatoes (not to die for, just kinda average)spinach salad (not as healthy as it sounds) and my mom’s dressing. (always in a crock-pot, cause the bird cooks faster that way. I don’t live in fear!) All the other people brought loads of other stuff. I also made 10 pies. They are almost gone, now. It was a blessed day that was topped off with Wall-E. I guess we will repeat again next year. It will be 38 by then.

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