A Savior @ Christmas!

The scene outside my patio this morning: chilly, crisp, foggy and a sweet frosty coating on the world

Sometimes a name is just a name, and
sometimes a name captures someone perfectly. The ancients inclined to choose
names carefully, so as to make a lifelong statement about a person’s identity.
“Jesus” is a name so familiar to us, that we easily forget that it was a name
with an extraordinary significance. The name an angel announced should be given
to Mary and Joseph’s new child. And what a name! “Jesus” means “the Lord

He does indeed.

Call him Jesus, the angel said, “because he will save people from their
sins.” None of us can save ourselves anymore than a person sinking in a rowboat
can save himself by pulling up on the side of the boat. We need a savior, and
not just a theoretical savior, but one who really has the power of God to
separate us from the tyranny and the guilt of sin.  ~Mel Lawrenz (from a www.BibleGateway.com Christmas Joy devotional)

Jesus saves.  I love that.  I need it.  He saves.

In other Christmas news…

The chalkboard…not exactly what I was hoping for.  I dipped regular kid-style sidewalk chalk in water to intensify the color and made my own “liquid chalk” for the color red (a teaspoon of water, a teaspoon of corn starch and a quarter- teaspoon of red food coloring).  I would re-do it, but I don’t have anything else in mind, anyway.  Got the idea off Etsy.com …any chalkboard artists out there??


Candi B. and Amy Jo were at my house the other night while I was away (rehearsing for The Christmas Party) and thankfully, I got home in time to see them.  But just in case, they left me “love notes.”  So sweet!

Oops, Candi’s is blurry.  My photography, I fear…

Gemma May’s pre-schooling takes on a decidedly Christmas-y flair

Pink tutus are our school uniform.

I think she decided to ampersand the “and”…at 4!

So thankful today for a Savior, able to save me from {Satan’s snares} and even from {maybe, especially from} myself.

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