A Portion of Thyself

“The only gift is a portion of thyself.”

True. I believe this.

Although I am very fond of my vintage orange kitchen accessories from Steph and fam (plus an all-new blog design!).  And my new work-out pants have revved up my power-walking.  I adore the o-so-flattering jeans Stormie bought me: they fit!…did my legs just get longer?  Did I just get a needed lift? And DP and Tara and the I-POD Touch…omygoodness.  Just waiting for my life’s best song list to get to 7000 or so (well on my way).

Rocky and Jovanie know I need my medium-rare steak and plenty of it.  Off to The Outback I shall go, several times (plus the “Jeanie green” coffee cup?  Lovin’ it!)!  Tre Tre is going to do a photo shoot for me – of anything or anyone I want!  It will be a shoot of my kids and grandkids, of course ~ what else??

Little brother, Joe sent me a book on how to talk southern (they do have their own way) that was a family fav in the 70’s and a 2-set LP by The Rambos, THE Moslander-family music-of-my-life.  My husband loaded me up with clothes and all the things he knows I love and like to have on hand…

I got showered with lots of great, thoughtful, sweet, beautiful gifts for Christmas.  There was way more than I deserved, but I sure love it all.

But really?  It is when I have been blessed with something of the giver, a portion of their heart ~ in thoughtfulness, sweet words, a shared secret, a common memory,  treasured moments and especially their time – that I know I have been gifted beyond my ability to ever repay or comprehend.   To receive something that reveals a part of another person’s heart to me is the greatest gift I could ever hope for. 

Thank-you to all of you who share yourselves with me (your dreams, your fears, your hopes and love…and just ~ you).  My heart is enlarged in the receiving.  And I am…gifted.  Grateful.

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