A Magical Day, part three

Ok, so where were we?  It was a magical day, sunny and bright and joyous.  It was family and….

It is the wedding day.  The THINGS are in place:

A casual, vintage scene has been set.  Welcoming!

On the right, you can see the jars hanging from the tree with subtle (and non-fire-hazard) illumination.

This pretty little sign was painted by Mairin Bierer.  It hung across the aisle before the bride and her attendants came to walk it.  We were all family.

Meanwhile, back at the barn…

The centerpieces included old books from the bride, French labels with romantic quotes and song lyrics, milk-glass containers, candles, dusty-green sprays…

And here is what the bride and groom and their people are up to…


3 thoughts on “A Magical Day, part three

  1. I can’t get over what a great morning it was in getting ready. Everything just came together. There were no stresses. We started out with a relaxed breakfast/brunch in front of the fire and we all grabbed a mirror and went to it. God blessed me SO much. Thanks for sharing, momma:)

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