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It was about 34 years ago this week I arrived in Minot, North Dakota to attend Bible College.  While researching content for a paper, I happened across an ad in a Moody Monthly (the magazine, not the periodical female condition) for an album featuring Stormie and Michael Omartien.  Stormie was not yet mega-famous in Christendom for books on praying, though they were both established in the music and entertainment biz.

If you have read here long, you know why I was going through an intense spiritual awakening.  I won’t re-tell at this moment, but suffice it to say.  I can’t recall what I was researching or even for which course.  But simple words impacted my heart, as if straight from heaven to me.

I couldn’t hum you a part of the melody to save my life. I have only ever actually heard the song once, I think?  But time and again, the lyric that jumped off the small, perhaps 2 column x 3 inch ad,  that fall day in 1978, that lyric – it keeps reading my mail and making good sense. Time and again. 34 years and counting.

The lyric:

“…you feel like you’ve lost control,

And the valleys seem so low,

Well it’s not forever, just a season of the soul.

If you could step away just to see how far you’ve gone,

If you would take the time just to be what you’ve become,

You could have the time to grow,

There would be a chance to know,

That it’s not forever, just a season of the soul.

If you don’t rest when the Winter is here, what will you bear in the Fall,


A time to cry, a time to sing,

There’s a time for everything,

Nothing lasts that long.

Don’t look at what you see,

And just keep your eyes on Me,

I won’t let you go wrong.

It’s not forever. It’s just a season of the soul.

Thank-you, Stormie Omartien.  And yes, I loved it so much, I eventually named our last child for her.  :)  Read the story {HERE}.

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